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Energy Saving LED Lighting

Gemma Lighting introduce an amazing new concept in environmentally friendly, energy saving, LED lighting solutions that can be utilised either indoors or outdoors.

Energy saving LED lighting can reduce power consumption significantly when compared with conventional lighting methods and our range of environmentally friendly LED lighting products incorporate the most power efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), which typically reduce energy consumption by up to 75%.

With a life span of approximately 100,000 hours, LED Lighting technology can offer cost savings on maintenance, making traditional bulb replacement a thing of the past.

LED Lighting Proudly manufactured in the UK

LED Lighting Applications


LED Lighting Street - UK OEM

LED Lighting Solutions

Energy efficient lighting solutions with the latest in high brightness LED's. These LED street lights provide excellent road coverage and high uniformity. Models available for 4 – 12 meter columns and up to 40 meter spacing’s.

LED Lighting Car Park - UK OEM

Car Park
LED Lighting Solutions

A wide range of traditional and elegant LED fittings that will enhance the landscape with their white light and offer long term value thanks to a significant reduction in energy, maintenance, and CO².

LED Lighting Flood - UK OEM

LED Lighting Solutions

High performance LED Flood Lights that can be used for illuminating large areas with minimal light pollution into neighbouring properties. Can be mounted wall, column or bracket mounted.

LED Lighting High Bay - UK OEM

High Bay
LED Lighting Solutions

Utilizing the latest in LED technology, these LED luminaries offer low wattage with high lumen output to allow a cost effective solution to traditional fittings. Designed for a long life with minimal maintenance.

LED Lighting Solar Street

LED Lighting Solutions

Our Solar Powered Management Units can provide a cost effective means of collecting solar energy for use with any of our DC range of LED lighting. LED lighting solutions where mains power is not available or not desired.