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Dec 18th 2012

Gemma Lighting appoint Simon Blyth as new Lighting Design Engineer

Growing LED Lighting manufacturers Gemma Lighting Limited have enhanced their Lighting Design and Technical Support department by appointing Simon Blyth as one of their Lighting Design Engineers.

Simon joins Gemma’s experienced team from Luxonic where he spent two years as a Commercial Lighting Designer. Previous to this he gained valuable experience at multi-disciplinary practice Ridge LLP, working on future schools and commercial office schemes for BBESL & BBCL, with projects ranging from new build schemes, to build & design schemes and office suite refurbishments.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

In his new role, Simon will utilise his knowledge of software programmes such as Relux, Lighting Reality, and AutoCAD to assist Gemma Lighting customers with their Lighting Schemes, and help them better understand which products from Gemma’s UK manufactured range are suitable for their specific needs

Gemma Lighting continues to go from strength to strength, bucking the economic trend both nationally and within the manufacturing industry in general. The last trading year alone saw a record growth, and Gemma are well on the way to doing even better this year having already surpassed £1.4 million pounds worth of sales in the first six months of this trading term.

With products in the UK, Dubai and the Falkland Islands, hundreds of businesses and organisations are learning how much they could save in running costs, maintenance bills and carbon emissions by switching to LED lighting – and the superb customer service provided by Gemma Lighting ensures every project is treated individually to cater for the customer’s needs.

Gemma’s range of LED Street, Flood and High/Low bay lighting is proving a popular choice for a varying range of customers, from universities to police stations, hotels to hospitals.

Gemma Lighting Limited was established to create an innovative concept for environmentally friendly lighting requirements. Drawing on vast experience of LED Technology since 2003, the team at Gemma Lighting have been designing, developing and manufacturing a new generation of LED lighting solutions for numerous applications, both indoors and out.

Dec 6th 2012

Co-Op supermarket switches to energy-efficient LED Lighting solutions

Gemma Lighting were delighted to provide LED lighting solutions to the Co-Op Welcome store at Frobisher House, Southampton.

Replacing the existing lighting setup as part of a store refurbishment, Gemma’s LED ceiling tiles meant the store saved more than 80% in energy costs and reduced their carbon emissions by 11 tonnes per annum.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

The Co-Operative Group is the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer and employs more than 74,000 people across its 2,800 stores. The Southampton store at Frobisher House is run by franchise and falls under the Southern Co-Operative group, which despite a tough year in retail still achieved a sales increase of 2.1% in 2011/12.

In line with its drive to lower their energy consumption and become a greener company, the Co-Op Welcome store contacted Gemma Lighting LTD to provide more energy-efficient LED lighting at their Frobisher House site – already aware of the benefits of Gemma Lighting’s products after successfully working in partnership to complete the very first LED lit supermarket back in 2006.

The lighting setup initially in the store consisted of 54 fluorescent tube modular fittings, consuming almost 600 kilo watts per week as the lights needed to be on throughout the store’s trading hours, plus one third which also remained on overnight for security. The fluorescent lights were also difficult to maintain and had expensive refurbishment costs.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

The Venus 24 LED ceiling tile was selected for this project – with high uniformity and a wide voltage range meaning the Co-Op Welcome store could easily replace the old fluorescent lights in the store. With an instant strike up time of 100ns the Venus 24 is also very efficient, consuming a total of 31 watts, and with a large lifespan of up to 100,000 hours the store would save approximately £2,160 a year on refurbishment costs, as well as a further 68% reduction in annual energy costs.

Co-Op Welcome franchise company director Richard Inglis said: “Our experience with Gemma Lighting was very pleasant. Communications were always handled professionally and when we asked a question we got an answer.

“Although more LED lighting companies are emerging Gemma’s prices are more competitive and provide a comprehensive and professional service that I would recommend to other companies seeking similar solutions.”

Nov 5th 2012

Portsmouth Marriott chose Gemma's LED Lighting solutions

Gemma Lighting and the Marriott Hotel network continued their successful working relationship with the installation of 32 Jaguar globe lights at the Portsmouth Marriott Hotel.

Based on Southampton Road, the Portsmouth Marriott welcomes visitors from all over the world to the south coast, with 173 rooms spread across seven floors. At the heart of every decision the Portsmouth Marriott makes is the impact on the environment, and the Green Tourism Business Scheme gold award, coupled with the Carbon Trust Standard, are signs of the hotel’s commitment to reducing their carbon emissions.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

With this in mind the Marriott chose Gemma’s LED lighting solutions after assessing the options available, knowing from previous experience with other Marriott hotels the savings in carbon emissions and energy bills that could be made. The network’s flagship property at London Heathrow saved 17 tonnes of carbon usage per year, as well as making 85% of savings annually after purchasing Gemma’s LED lighting. Similar savings have been made at three other sites, including the Cheshunt and Waltham Abbey Marriott hotels.

The Jaguar 24 was selected as the ideal product to replace the Hotel’s previous lighting setup, utilising the effective light distribution and life span of up to 100,000 hours the Jaguar 24 provides. Users of the hotel car park will benefit from the brighter light given off by Gemma’s LED lights, which also aid the use of CCTV cameras through improved picture clarity.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

The lights were a big hit with the hotel hierarchy, and both General Manager Barend Jan Schreuder and Chief engineer Craig Rawding, pictured here with Gemma sales director Mark Major, were delighted with the results.

Mr Schreuder said: “The whole of Marriott internationally set about a plan to reduce energy consumption two years ago, and we have done several things to achieve this such as joining the Green Tourism Scheme and switching to LED signage.

“We looked at our energy usage and identified one of the largest portions of our energy consumption as the car park, so Craig began looking into options for this and we selected Gemma Lighting.

“I like the lights because the black portion on top looks good and ensures minimal light pollution, the lights are better for us and our security, and provide better safety for users walking around the car park.”

Mr Rawding was equally happy with the installation, which he called ‘easy’, saying the Jaguar LED globe lights were three times more efficient than their previous lighting.

He said: “When looking around at lighting options ROI and the reduction in maintenance costs were the key factors.

“It made sense to choose Gemma Lighting as the energy consumption was much better. The installation was very simple, Gemma sorted custom spigots and we’ve not heard the sort of complaints we used to receive with regards to the old lighting.”

Oct 18th 2012

Gemma Lighting helps fulfil hospital dream

Gemma Lighting LTD were one of the many parties coming together to help realise the dream of the late Terry Creedon at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough earlier this month.

Terry, an Occupational Therapist Technician in the Acute Stroke Unit, was held in high regard at Wexham for his work with stroke victims, and believed strongly that a key tool in the rehabilitation of patients was horticultural work. But the small garden outside the stroke unit yielded little opportunity for this, and Terry sketched his own grand design for what the garden could potentially become.

Before Terry could implement his big plans for the site however, he sadly passed away last year at the age of just 46. Communications network 02, as part of their community scheme the ‘Think Big Programme’, called together several companies to help make Terry’s designs come to life in his honour, and Gemma Lighting was proud to be one of those able to help.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Neptune 5 LED bollard lights were installed in the garden to provide bright white light to patients as they enjoy their new surroundings, whilst giving the hospital minimal energy and environmental concerns. Sales director Mark Major travelled to Slough to attend the opening of the garden (pictured) with several other key personnel that helped make Terry’s dream become a reality.

Project manager Gary Damiano said: “It was good to work with Gemma Lighting on this project, and we were very impressed with the way in which they handled themselves. Their staff excelled with their service and they were very straightforward to deal with. We would like to thank Gemma Lighting and its employees for their help on this worthwhile project.”

Sept 10th 2012

Falmouth University continues energy reduction program with new LED Street Lights from Gemma Lighting

Staff and students based on the Tremough campus of Falmouth University have once again benefitted from Gemma Lighting’s LED technology after the installation of fifty Jupiter 54 LED street lights.

Based in Penryn near Falmouth, the Tremough campus is jointly owned and managed by the University of Exeter (UoE) and University College Falmouth (UCF) through a joint venture called Falmouth Exeter Plus.

FX Plus had previously worked with Gemma Lighting on an LED bollard lighting project, whereby Gemma provided over 200 LED lighting inserts around the site with the bespoke requirements of the campus in mind.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Following the success of this project, Falmouth Exeter Plus began a change out of the sodium 150 watt street lighting fixtures on campus on behalf of the Universities, replacing them with Gemma Lighting’s Jupiter 54 AC LED Street Lights.

Each set of fifty LED lights will ensure that the Tremough Campus will save 44 tonnes of carbon every year, and Falmouth Exeter Plus’ Carbon and sustainability Manager for the site, Karen Clowes, is delighted with the results.

Karen said: “What we had before was that kind of horrible orange light so it’s a huge improvement to the quality of lighting in the car park.”

As with the previous project, half the funding for the LED street lighting was put up by the Universities themselves and the other half through an energy efficiency loan from Salix.

Sept 3rd 2012

Hackney residents set to benefit as housing duo switch to LED lighting

Residents of two housing communities in Hackney, London are enjoying clearer vision thanks to LED lighting solutions from Gemma Lighting.

Mount Pleasant Hill and Riverside Walk are just a few doors apart, and both have invested in Gemma Lighting’s Warrior 24 LED Globe Lights as the management, a group of residents who own and run the estate, look to save money and energy.

The management caters for groups of residents who come in various ages and sizes, and with volunteers running the management of both sites challenges such as reducing costs and implementing a new lighting installation were proving tricky.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Twelve of Gemma’s Warrior LED Globe Lights were chosen to illuminate the roadways and footpaths surrounding Mount Pleasant, whilst four Warriors have brightened Riverside Walk.

The Warrior 24 has excellent light distribution and was the perfect choice for Mount Pleasant and Riverside Walk, lowering CO2 emissions and reducing expensive maintenance costs.

More and more people are realising the benefits of switching to LED lighting, and with a life to replacement rate of 100,000 hours, are also beginning to appreciate the long-term savings which can be enjoyed by installing Gemma Lighting products.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Carol Keegan of the Mount Pleasant Hill (Hackney) Management Company said: “The Warrior Globe Lights are far more attractive when compared to our old lighting, and have a wonderful chandelier effect. They are also much more reliable. The previous installation had been in place for well over 23 years, and the fittings were proving impossible to replace. Because of this we were forced to look at a whole new installation. The attractive design, high quality of light and potential savings in our energy bills were the most important factors and held equal weight in our decision to go with Gemma Lighting.

“We have 92 people here, all with different needs and the feedback from the residents has been extremely positive. The CCTV security systems used across both sites have also benefitted from the new LED lighting, with improved visual acuity and excellent colour rendition.”

After this positive experience the management are looking into the possibility of more LED lighting upgrades in the future.

Aug 29th 2012

Gemma Lighting add LED Lighting to the 'Greenest University in the UK'

Gemma Lighting’s Jaguar 24 LED Street Lights have been installed at Greenwich University, the ‘Greenest University in the UK’.

Situated on the banks of the river Thames and boasting a World Heritage Site as its main campus in a trio of buildings designed by Sir Christopher Wren, Greenwich Uni has won several awards for its commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. Not least amongst these was the award from the People & Planet Green League Table in May 2012, who praised Greenwich in the judges’ comments and highlighted the fact that emissions had been reduced by 22% since 2005.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

In order to continue this commitment to lowering their carbon footprint, the University investigated the benefits of LED lighting, and knew that as well as cutting costs and energy consumption they could also achieve further carbon reductions, in-keeping with their carbon reduction plan and helping to meet future targets set for 2016.

The previous lighting setup on campus was a mixture of 150W and 70W high pressure sodium street lights that were coming to the end of their 15-year lifespan. When looking at replacements for these lights, Greenwich knew that LED lighting could help them achieve their carbon targets, and after looking at a number of companies contacted Gemma Lighting, after seeing their range of LED street lighting through the website.

After an account manager from Gemma had visited the campus site, product samples and lighting plans were used to asses which of Gemma’s LED Street Lighting range would be best suited for the project. It was decided that the Jaguar 24 LED Globe Light was the ideal solution for the University’s needs, and more than a hundred were ordered for the project to replace the previous setup on a like-for-like basis.

With a protection rating of IP66 and a long-lasting lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, the equivalent of over 18 years of operation, the Jaguar LED Globe offers savings of around 70% when compared to traditional lighting sources. The new LED lighting successfully reduced the environmental impact of the lighting on the Greenwich campus by reducing carbon emissions from 36 carbon tonnes per year to just nine, saving almost 500 carbon tonnes over the estimated lifespan of the installation.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

The amount of power being consumed by the university on its previous lighting scheme totalled over 60,000kWh, however thanks to Gemma’s LED Jaguar Globe this figure was reduced by 76%, down to just 15,375kWh. The lighting was so reliable that the university was able to make further savings by not renewing the contract with the company responsible for maintaining the lighting on site. Couple this with a dramatic £5,000 annual reduction in energy bills, and the campus is well on its way to achieving a very stringent environmental target.

Students on site have been impressed with the new LED scheme, stating that unlike the old style sodium lighting the illumination provided by the new LED globes was not too intrusive, and Building Services Engineer for the University Jon Hudson said: “Throughout the process Gemma Lighting were very friendly, very knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone looking at LED lighting projects.

“The new look is better than that of the old setup, where you could see the yellow haze from down the road. We dealt with Gemma direct and found them and their LED lighting cost-effective and beneficial to our carbon reducing commitments.”

Jul 2nd 2012

LED guides the way for Renegade Pictures and Car SOS

Independent film and television production house Renegade Pictures have turned to LED lighting solutions from Gemma Lighting Limited for their latest show Car SOS.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Owned by Shed Media, Renegade produces popular television shows such as Don’t tell the bride and Popstar to operastar as well as award-winning films My kidnapper and me and The boys from Baghdad High.

Renegade, based in London, were looking to upgrade their lighting to showcase the classic cars being restored as part of Car SOS, but wanted a more energy efficient lighting solution.

In order to meet their requirements two of Gemma’s energy efficient LED lighting products were selected for the project – the Sovereign 96 LED High Bay and Spitfire 48 LED Floodlight.

Both lights give excellent clarity and coverage with high lumen outputs and instant strike up times, whilst the long life span of the products, as with all Gemma’s LED lighting, gave Renegade reduced maintenance bills as well as lowering energy costs and carbon emissions.

Renegade received the new LED lighting within the short time required, and were very happy with the results. Theo Williams, series producer of Car SOS for Renegade, said: “For the shooting of Nat Geo’s car restoration series Car SOS we had a big problem. A large area of skylights meant the workshop was often already flooded by natural light but we needed a consistent source of bright light that was daylight balanced, flicker free and that didn’t generate a lot of heat.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

“Professional TV lighting would have been prohibitively expensive over the five month shoot, plus it would have looked very obtrusive in our shots. So these high powered Spitfire lights made by Gemma Lighting were perfect, giving us a very sympathetic and natural day lit environment plus economy.”

John Collins, Lighting Cameraman for the show, added: “The great thing about working with these incredibly powerful LED panel installation units is that they give a huge amount of light yet use less than 60 watts – the quality of the light is clean and punchy.

“We’re using them to light a large workshop for filming and only need to use a couple of extra LED panels to light from floor level as the installed lights give a superb wash of bright light across the whole workshop.”

Apr 24th 2012

Falmouth University reduce costs and carbon at Tremough campus

The most south-westerly university in the UK is benefitting from reductions in carbon emissions and energy savings after Gemma Lighting installed more than 200 of its LED Bollard lights on campus.

The Cornwall campus, or Tremough as it is known locally, is based in Penryn near Falmouth and is jointly owned and managed by the University of Exeter (UoE) and University College Falmouth (UCF). Operated by the two institutions through a 50:50 joint venture called Falmouth Exeter Plus, the campus is provided with a range of services for staff and students of both institutions including Estate Management.

UK LED lighting manufacturer Gemma Lighting replaced the control gear and traditional lamps in over 250 Thorn Chartor Bollards on site with the latest in LED technology.

Gemma worked with Falmouth Exeter Plus to develop a retrofit LED insert complete with LED driver that would meet the lighting levels set by the university, but with a 70% reduction in energy.

The LED retrofit kit for the Thorn Chartor Bollard consumes less than 20 watts and was designed with a simple click and fit adaptor which made easy installation for the estates team.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Half the funding for the project was put up by the Universities themselves, whilst the other half of the funds were provided by a Salix energy efficiency loan – a scheme designed to enable the public sector to purchase energy efficient products using interest free loans.

Karen Clowes is Carbon and sustainability Manager for Falmouth Exeter Plus, and said the new LED lights had proven to be beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Karen said: “The main driver behind the decision to switch to LED was to reduce our carbon emissions and also our maintenance costs – we were replacing bulbs in the previous bollard lighting on a weekly basis and so far we’ve not had one single problem with the LEDs.

“Changing to the brighter white light of LED has also improved health and safety, as visibility is better so people feel safer.”

The bollards were also fitted with a cover on one side, as this was a special requirement from the University. This was in order to keep the light from one side of the bollards from affecting a nearby bat habitat – the cover meaning that the light did not disrupt their sleeping patterns.

Pleased with the results of the LED bollard inserts, there are future plans for more LED lighting to be used on the university campus.

Jan 16th 2012

London Heathrow Marriott enhance lighting levels and save energy

Boasting 393 rooms across 5 floors the London Heathrow Marriott is one of the leading Heathrow hotels and a flag ship property in the Marriott UK portfolio. In an effort to provide the hotels guests with a better visual experience, whilst enhancing the hotels green credentials, the London Heathrow Marriott contacted UK LED lighting manufacture Gemma Lighting to carry out a review of their car park lighting.

The initial car park lighting consisted of 32 sodium street lights, each consuming a substantial 300 circuit watts and generating 24 tonnes of carbon annually. When working, the sodium street lights provided the hotel with an adequate level of illumination. However, they were expensive to run and difficult to maintain.

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Copyright of Gemma Lighting Ltd

Gemma Lighting’s tailored solution.

Understanding just how important this project was to the hotel chain, an account manager visited and discussed in detail the requirements for the new LED lighting scheme. During this meeting a full lighting survey was carried out in order to provide lighting plans and a detailed energy and carbon reduction report. The report was created to show how Gemma’s LED lighting would significantly reduce the hotel’s energy consumption which in turn offered an extremely good return on investment period.

The Jupiter 72 LED street and car park luminaire was selected for this project. The Jupiter 72 is the most powerful luminaire in this range of LED lighting, offering high LUX levels with a pure white light close to day light, ideal for meeting the hotel’s requirement for an enhanced visual experience. The Jupiter 72 consumes less than 100 circuit watts, meaning that when compared to the original sodium lighting scheme, the new LED lighting would provide a 69% energy saving and a reduction in carbon emissions of 17 tonnes annually.

Gemma’s LED lighting has a service life of over 10 years which has been greatly received by the hotel, as this will result in a huge reduction in maintenance bills and also eliminate the need to change difficult to reach lighting fixtures.