Gemma Lighting record astonishing growth of 132% – (Portsmouth News)

September 23, 2011

As manufacturing declines in the UK, it’s comforting to hear a success story and from a manufacturing Company on our doorstep. Gemma Lighting have bucked the trend of a UK wide 2% drop in manufacturing to record an astonishing growth of 132%. Manufacturers of LED lighting for offices, factories, warehouses and street lighting, Gemma Lighting are pushing ahead with exports leading the way.

“We are keen to grow domestically” says Managing Director, Craig Manuel, “but I do get frustrated when I go to Abu Dhabi and see our street lights widely used, but we only have a handful of streets in Portsmouth”.

Local MP Penny Mordaunt who is championing environmental issues and local manufacturing recently visited Gemma Lighting to understand the savings to be gained by local Government. “Our sums suggest that in Portsmouth alone, we can help the council save over £1 million per year on electricity, and that is with highly conservative estimate” said Sales Director, Mark Major.

The team at Gemma believe the future is good for further sales expansion, and expect to grow sales significantly creating local employment opportunities. Gemma have pride in being able to design products specifically for the application, as well as volume standard designs.