London Heathrow Marriott enhance lighting levels and save energy

January 16, 2012

Boasting 393 rooms across 5 floors the London Heathrow Marriott is one of the leading Heathrow hotels and a flag ship property in the Marriott UK portfolio. In an effort to provide the hotels guests with a better visual experience, whilst enhancing the hotels green credentials, the London Heathrow Marriott contacted UK LED lighting manufacture Gemma Lighting to carry out a review of their car park lighting.

The initial car park lighting consisted of 32 sodium street lights, each consuming a substantial 300 circuit watts and generating 24 tonnes of carbon annually. When working, the sodium street lights provided the hotel with an adequate level of illumination. However, they were expensive to run and difficult to maintain.

Gemma Lighting’s tailored solution.

Understanding just how important this project was to the hotel chain, an account manager visited and discussed in detail the requirements for the new LED street lighting scheme. During this meeting a full lighting survey was carried out in order to provide lighting plans and a detailed energy and carbon reduction report. The report was created to show how Gemma Lighting’s LED lighting would significantly reduce the hotel’s energy consumption which in turn offered an extremely good return on investment period.

The Jupiter 72 LED street lighting and car park lighting was selected for this project. The Jupiter 72 is the most powerful luminaire in this range of LED lighting, offering high LUX levels with a pure white light close to day light, ideal for meeting the hotel’s requirement for an enhanced visual experience. The Jupiter 72 consumes less than 100 circuit watts, meaning that when compared to the original sodium lighting scheme, the new LED lighting would provide a 69% energy saving and a reduction in carbon emissions of 17 tonnes annually.

Gemma Lighting’s LED street lighting has a service life of over 10 years which has been greatly received by the hotel, as this will result in a huge reduction in maintenance bills and also eliminate the need to change difficult to reach lighting fixtures.