LED High Bay Lighting
Sovereign 72 XL130 AC
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LED High Bay Lighting

Gemma Lighting specialise in manufacturing and supplying energy efficient LED High Bay Lighting. LED High Bay Lighting is an extremely useful and practical form of light and can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting since LED High Bay Lighting emits a pure quality of light. Our extensive collection ranges from high powered LED High Bay Lighting to contemporary styles perfect for outdoor environment, such as our Jaguar LED Globe Light. We can supply the perfect products to light any sized space including industrial locations such as warehouses, factories, cold stories and large freezer centres, all of whom could benefit from swapping out their previous halogen or sodium lighting for LED High Bay Lighting.

The benefits of using low wattage LED High Bay Lighting, over traditional methods such as halogens are numerous. For example LED High Bay Lighting uses 75% less power than standard light bulbs. The practical application of this is that LED High Bay Lighting produces less wasted heat energy, resulting in far more efficient lights. LED High Bay Lighting also has an extremely long life span of over 100,000 hours, which means that they help save money on maintenance costs, and energy costs in the long term. Our products can drastically reduce energy consumption from mains electricity by up to 90%.

We provide our customers with the best quality LED High Bay Lighting products, manufactured in the UK by our highly trained experts. Our design skills are extensive and can help you obtain the perfect LED High Bay Lighting solutions for any environment. All of our LED High Bay Lighting includes a complementary warranty to ensure we provide you with the best level of customer service.

Reduce your business costs

10 reasons for LED High Bay Lighting

More efficient

LED High Bay lighting, as with all LED lighting technology, is far more efficient than the likes of sodium or fluorescent lighting. On average products such as the Sovereign 72 LED High Bay light can save users more than 70% in annual energy costs.


Brighter per watt

A better ratio of lumens per watt means LED High Bay lighting has a better efficacy when compared to other light sources. This also aids efficiency as a higher quality lighting level is achieved with less power output.


Longer life

LEDs provide long-term lighting solutions for a huge range of users, and this longevity translates into up to 100,000 hours of light. Installing LED High Bay lighting, along with the annual savings in energy bills, ensures a speedy return on investment for those wishing to switch to LED lighting.



Gemma Lighting’s LED products are built to last. With a protection rating of IP66 the Sovereign LED High Bay lighting range for example is vandalism proof and offers greater protection from accidental breakage.


Goodbye maintenance

With no bulb to replace in LED High Bay lighting the cost of maintaining lighting setups is dramatically reduced when LEDs are installed. Their reliability also ensures that the labour costs of having a maintenance contractor regular working on lights, often at a considerable height, are also shed, lowering overheads even further.


Meet your carbon reduction quota

With carbon reduction schemes commonplace across many industries today, switching to LED High Bay lighting can be a great step in meeting targets over one or five year periods. Tonnes of carbon emissions every year can be saved by LED lighting, and with many cold stores and warehouses needing numbers in bulk, the amount of carbon being saved can prove substantial.


No wasted light

Because LED is a directional light source, unlike many other types of light installations, LEDs are designed to target a desired area and refrain from wasting light out into the surrounding areas. For LED High Bay lighting this means maximum efficiency as a large storage or refrigeration area can be comprehensively covered with as few lights as possible. This also means minimal light pollution for LED High Bays in exterior locations.


Safer lighting

With no glass to break, no white-hot filament to handle or replace and no noxious fumes involved in its construction, LED High Bay lighting is far safer than many more traditional lightings methods. They also have a better impact on the environment, and can dramatically reduce the carbon emissions of large users of lighting year upon year.


Better quality light

LED lighting offers excellent colour rendition – with its crisp white light as close to daylight as artificial lighting can be. Gemma’s LED High Bay lighting has a colour rendition index of RA>70, offering benefits such as better visibility and enhanced picture quality with CCTV security systems.


Suitable for a number of uses

The Sovereign LED High Bay lighting range from Gemma Lighting suits a range of applications for a wide range of customer bases, with both chain and ceiling mounting options available as well as adjustable side pods to suit a variety of mounting heights.

Some of our LED high bay lights

An LED high bay luminaire typically mounted at heights of 6 -10 meters and replacing a traditional 250 - 400 watt sodium fixture*.

An LED high bay luminaire typically mounted at heights of 8 -12 meters and replacing a traditional 250 - 400 watt sodium fixture*.

5 reasons to use LED High Bay
Lighting in cold stores

LED High Bay Lighting does not diminish in cold temperatures – in fact the colder the environment in which LED lighting can work the better performance users will receive. This ensures high lumen output with minimal risk of faults or failures, with operating temperatures as low as -30C.

LEDs strike up time is instant, and this is unaffected by the temperatures of a cold store. This allows LED High Bay lighting to be turned off in periods of inactivity, further saving energy consumption and running costs.

Using up to 75% less energy, LED lighting reduces refrigeration load thanks to its higher efficiency when compared to more traditional light fittings. LED High Bay Lighting converts more power to light rather than power to excess heat, thereby lowering the requirements of refrigerators and further reducing running costs.

LEDs create a white light comparable to daylight, allowing employees better visual accuracy to locate goods quickly and correctly.

LED High Bay lighting provided by Gemma Lighting ensures that customers have peace of mind when it comes to damage protection – the highest standards in production and testing are met during the production stage at Gemma’s base in Portsmouth, and customers can rest assured that their cold store LED High Bay lighting will withstand the test of time.

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