Exterior LED MOD lighting – How lighting can reduces redundancies and save money?

October 2, 2015

Exterior LED MOD lighting – How lighting can reduces redundancies and save money?

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of light to human life. Since the dawn of time light has been a vital instrument in the progression of our species; encouraging plant growth and providing a method by which our body clocks are still set. We may have evolved massively in terms of human life, but the most basic requirements, such as our circadian rhythm, are still set using natural light. This is why we suffer jet lag – our bodies remember the time.

Light has also become a powerful weapon. Without darkness, our bodies do not sleep and without sleep we die. That’s how important the manipulation of natural light has become.

What has this got to do with the MOD?

The Ministry of Defence makes some of the toughest demands imaginable on a human. Optimising their light sources is a useful tool. Choosing Exterior LED Lighting as a retrofit allows the MOD to have ‘intelligent’ light, i.e. the exact light in the exact places that it’s needed, which is of considerable benefit to the troops.

Light is also used as a security measure. By having powerful LEDs with their clear, direct light, the MOD can ensure that even the smallest, darkest spaces are fully illuminated. Furthermore, by switching to LED lighting, the MOD has not only given itself more power – and therefore further ammunition where it’s needed, but it is also saving money:

• Removing the routine maintenance costs associated with the traditional lighting method
• Gaining around 50,0000 – 100,000 hours’ worth of light from each LED; a huge return on
• Far fewer malfunctions. LEDs benefit from being protected against any damp or moisture in their
construction isolating any lighting problem.
• Unlike SONs, if an LED chip was to fail within a fitting of say 24 other LED’s the remaining LED’s
would still stay illuminated providing the luminaire has been manufactured with open circuit LED
• In conclusion, light and how it is provided is a very important tool to the Ministry of Defence. Not
only in defence strategies, but also in securing vast savings on energy costs. Exterior LED
Lighting represents the biggest possible saving on lighting solutions.

MOD LED Lighting Flood a


And with costs being cut in these peripheral areas, it means that valuable resources are free to be invested elsewhere, thus avoiding cuts needing to be made to essential services. In essence therefore, exterior LED Lighting solutions are making a vital contribution to national security.

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