Has the LED luminaire market doubled over the last four years?

October 8, 2015

Has the LED luminaire market doubled over the last four years?

Lights. We’re surrounded by them all the time, in many different ways and strengths. Most of us use lights unthinkingly; but there are some who are more invested in the lighting market. And it’s these people who are leading the LED revolution.


A big name for a tiny thing. As a base description, the definition of a luminaire is a light engine combined with control technology to produce a lighting system. Since these arrived on the market over a decade ago, awareness of them – and therefore their use – saw a rapid increase.

It’s not quite as obvious, but the switch in the market to LED lights is as dramatic as the change from candles to incandescent lamps in the 19th century. And when the EU introduced a ban on lightbulbs, their popularity increased further. There is no comparable lighting technology – their longevity of life and energy efficiency is maximised.

It should come as no surprise then that there has been a marked increase in their use. Statistics show that four years ago LEDs held a 38% share of the lighting market. That figure has now leapt to a 74% share, showing an increase of almost 50%.

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Why have LED luminaires suddenly become so popular?

As with all new technology, the rise in popularity was initially a slow burner, with businesses wary of investing in an untested medium. So although the popularity seems sudden to most consumers, work has been going on behind the scenes for quite some time. However, over recent years LED lighting have proved their worth beyond doubt and it is this which is now persuading more and more businesses to invest in LED luminaire technology to meet their lighting requirements.

What has prompted this widespread use?

Put simply – consumer confidence. And this can be broken down into several different areas:

*  A proven technology. The very first LED luminaire users from years ago are now showing what an excellent return they have made on their initial investment. And there is nothing more compelling to businesses than a new technology which is just beginning to show its worth. Figures predict a meteoric rise in the success of LED luminaires in the lighting market, and now people are jumping on the bandwagon, driving sales through the roof.

* LEDs are highly adaptable. They can be used inside or outside, for small spaces or large. They are most commonly found in streetlights and in lighting solutions for places like big carparks. Their technology means that they give a very clear, white light which is an excellent deterrent for would-be offenders. Both the NHS and the police force are increasingly coming to rely on LED High Bay Lighting, LED Car Park Lighting and LED Flood Lighting as part of their lighting structures.

* More and more people are using them. And people are sheep. Where a few go – one will follow. Seeing their peers switching to LEDs is a powerful incentive for many businesses to do the same.

* They can be suited to their environment. Luminaires can be designed in unusual patterns and in multiple colours, making them far more flexible than traditional incandescent bulbs.

There’s no great secret behind the massive success of these tiny lamps. They are just winners in a market where energy efficiency, longevity, low cost and high quality are more highly prized than anything else.