How lighting impacts our lives?

September 28, 2015

Light. A simple, familiar concept these days which comes from a number of sources – and has a huge impact. From the very earliest days of civilisation, light has played an enormous role in the lives of humans.

Our circadian rhythm, otherwise known as the sleep/wake cycle, originally revolved around the hours of the day that were light and those that were not. Before manmade sources of light were available, the day for primitive humans ended through necessity when the sun went down; hence why light revolutionised their lives.

Since those prehistoric years, the use of light has expanded to encompass everyday uses in homes, offices and classrooms. It affords security and safety in the form of LED Street Lighting and LED Car Park Lighting; removing any shadowy corners.

LEDs represent the most recent lighting innovation and have meant another step forward in the lighting revolution. Now, we have light which is proven to help aid recovery in hospital patients. We have light that keeps people calm in mental health units. And we have ‘intelligent’ lighting. Largely, this means creating specific lighting systems according to end user needs. Exterior LED Lighting gives  a very clear, precise light which studies have shown to improve visibility on roads and paths in the dark, which cuts both the crime and accident rates.

And for the first time ever, lighting is one of the most talked-about renewable energy sources. LEDs are so vastly environmentally friendly compared to incandescent lamps that they are fast becoming the number one choice of lighting strategies for more and more businesses. From the NHS to regional police forces, the demand for the type of light that LEDs provide is growing fast. These tiny modules are the latest development in a long line of lighting methods. From altering our sleep/wake cycle to providing LED illumination for streets, lighting has had a wide impact upon us as a society.

And with the advent of LED lights expanding into all areas – who knows how it will impact upon us in the future?