Making the switch to LED Car Park Lighting – what’s your reason?

August 25, 2015

Since high power LED’s exploded onto the market over ten years ago, their use in commercial lighting has become both more widespread and comprehensive. From the specific lighting of small areas, to lighting on an industrial scale, more and more companies are choosing LED Lighting solutions.

Why choose LEDs for your Car Park?

Over the past few years and particularly after the recession, many business were forced to look at how they could cut costs and one area found to be the most popular was cutting energy costs. Companies are finding that the maintenance costs outweigh the price of replacing their existing car park lighting with new LED lighting. Some are even going to the extent of purchasing Solar LED Lighting where only initial cost outlays are present.

Making this switch over could save a company up to 25% on their total energy bills, as LED’s use significantly less energy to illuminate. Well manufactured LED Car Park lighting typically has a lifespan of 50,000 – 100,000 hours allowing you the chance to spend funds and allocate staff to other projects rather than the continuous expenditure and maintenance of traditional technology.

Radisson Hotel LED Lighting Car Park

Investing? If you’re thinking about making a large investment to improve your car park lighting, then LED technology is a very natural choice indeed.  The investment into LED Car Park Lighting can offer significantly small payback periods.

Environmentally friendly. A major advantage of LED Car Park Lighting is the positive effect on the environment resulting in the reduction of Carbon emissions.  LED Car Park Lighting has reduced the impact on natural and grid resources (fossil fuels) by using up to 75% less electricity than traditional technologies.  No harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing process or after disposal, as all LED’s are mercury free.

Security. Often used for car parks lighting, LED can provide large, floodlit, areas tailored to meet your specific requirements. The use of photocell technology enables the street light to be illuminated when triggered by the reduction in natural light.  The range of lighting replicates natural daylight to a much softer tone. Using the unique technology enables lighting to stay on from dusk till dawn or alternatively be tailored to suite your requirements,

Durability. A huge advantage of LED Car Park Lighting is their durability. They are stronger, tougher and long lasting. There are no tubes or filaments that you would find in incandescent traditional lamps, and reduced risk of them shattering.  Plus, used for eight hours a day, this would mean that it would be approximately 17 plus years before they needed to be replaced. Their attractive and consistent lighting means that they are a firm favourite among those companies which have large numbers of flood lights.

From huge cost savings, to providing high quality light, LED Car Park Lighting is becoming a more popular lighting choice.

The LED chips may be tiny – but they have brilliant benefits.