Sun light utilised by Solar LED Street Lighting

September 2, 2015

We’ve come a long way since prehistoric times, and whilst we may not rely on seeds or woolly mammoths to survive, our modern day society is edging back towards the caveman style of thinking. Attention within the lighting industry is turning sharply towards something which those people revered and relied upon – the sun.

Solar LED Street Lighting is seeing an exciting expansion. Its benefits mean that it has quickly become a forerunner for affordable, reliable lighting. The most abundant source of natural light is being harnessed like never before.

What exactly is a Solar LED Street Light?

Solar LED Street Lights are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the street column. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers the LED Street light during the night. The photovoltaic panels act as photocells as seen on AC models and will only bring the light on by automatic daylight sensing.

Why is the use of Solar LED Street Lighting increasing?

The use of solar powered technology is taking the Solar LED Street Lighting market by storm as this product can be used in areas where mains supply is nonexistent.  Traditional lighting has often been kerosene lamps and whilst these are effective, they are also costly and come with an element of risk. Solar LED Street Lights or Solar LED Car Park Lighting eliminates the disadvantages of traditional technology whilst increasing the quantity and quality of light.

Solar LED Street lighting is becoming widely adopted across the globe due to offering a much wider access to light, they also save on energy and maintenance costs.

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Solar LED Street Lighting is definitely finding a use as a deterrent to criminal behaviour. Used to light dark areas during the night, when electric lights would be switched off, gives the would-be thieves another thing to think about.

Solar LED Street Lighting the future on our roads

It is evident that the global use of Solar LED Street Lighting is increasing with some of the big companies now putting their name behind them. By continuing to identify the areas where these lights are most needed, the growth of the Solar LED Street Lighting market will soar.

From city locations to remote areas where power supplies are nonexistent, these LED solar powered management lighting systems are creating a brighter future for everyone.