What does the future hold for LED lights? – Part C

December 3, 2014

Ever heard lights described as ‘intelligent’? Probably not. But this is exactly what LED lights are bringing to the market. Another trend which is emerging is that of electronic apps, known as ‘intelligent lighting controls’. These apps link together to form one control board which creates a communications network to link all electronic activity. Broken down, this means that the ‘intelligent’ aspect of the lighting sensors are linked to climate controls which co-ordinate lighting, heating and cooling. Therefore, it’s possible to engineer a totally unique environment through intelligent lighting sensors depending on individual needs at relatively little effort.

This has already seen keen use in the commercial sector. The concept has been successfully applied in the refrigeration sphere through a very new technology known as Chil-LED. This lighting solution was developed for use in cold stores where it provides high quality light, yet all of the electronic controls such as wiring, brackets, heating, etc., which would necessarily generate an amount of heat, all remain outside the actual unit so that the cold store is unaffected. This impressive technology saves both energy and money by using a unique pipe solution to channel the heat generated by high power LEDs out of the ceiling of the cold store before it even reaches the cold area. Put simply, because it never enters the cold area, it does not need to be extracted, therefore there is an instant saving.

In conclusion, LED lights are far outstripping traditional lighting solutions because their use is more practical, effective, efficient and allows significant savings in both energy and cost.