LED Flood Lighting


With LED lighting flooding onto the market taking the industry by storm, we here at Gemma Lighting have designed and manufactured a high power LED Flood lighting range, which can illuminate large areas whilst maintaining energy efficiency.

Our LED Flood lighting range is versatile providing the option for the luminaire to be either wall, ground or post mounted.

Each of the LED flood lights within the range use different optic configurations with the latest high power LEDs to ensure they provide excellent coverage resulting in high uniformity over the desired areas.

Spitfire12 LED Flood Light Thumb

Spitfire 12

LED Flood Light

Spitfire LED Flood Light Thumb

Spitfire 24

LED Flood Light

Spitfire48 LED Flood Light Thumb

Spitfire 48

LED Flood Light

Spitfire72 LED Flood Light Thumb

Spitfire 72

LED Flood Light

LED Flood Lighting benefits


Environmentally Friendly

LED Flood Lights are known to be the best eco-friendly lighting option, due to their being absence of mercury being used in manufacturing and reduces the volume of heat pollution.

Long Life Span

LED’s are very long lasting and are known for their durability. On average their modules last for up to 10 times longer than incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lights.

Low Maintenance Costs

LED’s are more resilient, tougher and require less maintenance than tradition lamps which need lamp replacements on a regular basis.

Greater Safety

LED flood lights are one of the safest lighting options. This is due to the absence of heat emanation, which reduces the risk of electric and fire accidents. In addition criminal activity has been reduced.

Bright Light

That’s right LED’s provide a brighter light which in comparison to traditional technology is extremely close to natural daylight.

Where can LED Flood Lighting be used?

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The technical benefits

Modular single optic configuration offering multiple beam angles options unlike the common COB with only one beam angle of 120°.

Made from multiple modular extruded anodized aluminium offering great heat management from LEDs for optimum life and performance.

Strength to operate in harsh climate conditions for an ambient ranging from -20 °C to +50°C.

IP rating range from IP 65 to 66 and high impact resistance to IK08.

LED modules are easily expanded from 15W to 90W.

All screws are made of high grade stainless-steel.

Rotating mounting bracket easy installation to any desirable position and enabling LED modules to be tilted. Therefore optimise lighting designs and minimise number of floodlight installation.

Easily adapting photocell option when required and also offer n some of the range a dimmable option when required.

Some of our clients

Ian Brook

British Gas site makes the switch


The install with Gemma was robust and efficient with no issues encountered during the project. The new external LED has added more aesthetics to the building and I am looking forward to seeing the significant reduction in maintenance and energy savings which will aid in Centrica’s commitment to reduce CO2 by 2015.”

Richard Carpenter, Regional Operations Manager, Carillion

testimonial carbon

Annual Carbon

Before = 27 Tonnes
After = 5 Tonnes

testimonial energy

Annual energy

Before = 51,900 KW
After = 10,125 KW

testimonial cost

Annual cost

Before = £7,189.36
After = £810.00