LED High Bay Lighting


At the forefront of the latest cutting edge LED technology, we specialise in manufacturing LED High Bay lights that offer outstanding energy efficiency combined with high lumen output, allowing for the effective replacement of traditional 250- 400 Watt metal halide and sodium alternatives.

Our LED High Bay Lights will illuminate any sized space, including industrial locations such as warehouses, factories, cold stores and large freezer centres, all of whom could benefit from swapping out their previous halogen or sodium lighting for LEDs. Our Sovereign LED High Bay Lights are typically installed at heights of 5 – 15 Meters and provide up to 100,000 hours of bright, natural light.

We provide our customers with the best quality lighting products, designed and manufactured in the UK by our highly trained experts, creating you the perfect solution for any environment. All of our LED High Bay Lights include a complementary warranty to ensure we provide you with the best level of customer service.

Sovereign LED Low High Bay Thumb

Sovereign 72

LED High Bay

Sovereign96 LED Low High Bay Thumb

Sovereign 96

LED High Bay

LED High Bay Lighting benefits


More efficient

Far more efficient than sodium or fluorescent lighting - Our Sovereign LED High Bay lights can save more than 70% on energy costs.

Brighter per watt

A directional light source with a better ratio of lumens per watt means LED High Bay lights provide a brighter and more natural light with less power consumption. Switching to LED High Bay lights can be a great step in meeting carbon reduction targets over one or five year periods.

Long term solution with a quick ROI

Up to 100,000 hours of light - combined with the energy savings ensures a speedy return on investment.


Our LED lighting products are built to last. With a protection rating of IP66 the entire light range is vandalism proof and offers greater protection from accidental breakage.

Goodbye maintenance

With no lamp to replace and unparralled reliability, the cost of maintaining lighting setups is dramatically reduced. With no glass to break, no white-hot filament to handle and no noxious fumes involved in its construction, LED lights are far safer than traditional lights.

Where can LED High Bay Lighting be used?

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The technical benefits

Optional 3 in 1 dimming function LED driver(1-10VDC, WN signal or resistance)

Custom designed solutions

Chain and ceiling mounting options as well as adjustable side pods to suit different mounting heights

LED option for 250-400 Watt metalhalide and sodium alternatives

UK manufactured

Designed to target specific areas and avoid wasted light

Highly reliable

Option to combine with sensory controls

Vandal proof with a protection rating of IP66

Colour rendition index RA > 70 crisp white light as close to daylight as artificial light can be

Some of our clients

Dave Hall Lg

Leicestershire Police lighting the way


We found the Gemma Lighting team member to be very knowledgeable during the site visit, and after drawing up a lighting plan we knew the LED lighting would give us reduced maintenance costs, energy costs and carbon emissions which is important as we are a carbon trading organisation. Gemma’s LEDs also give us a better quality of lighting with a high lumen output, and we have had favourable comments that have made a difference to our site.”

Dave Hall, Leicestershire Police

testimonial carbon

Annual Carbon

Before = 165 Tonnes
After = 38 Tonnes

testimonial energy

Annual energy

Before = 290,647 KW
After = 66,529 KW

testimonial cost

Annual cost

Before = £33,493.78
After = £5,114.91