Car Park Lighting Design – BS 5489-1:2020

November 14, 2023
Car Park Lighting Design, by UK manufacturer, Gemma Lighting.

Effective car park lighting design serves multiple crucial purposes. Not only does it enhance safety and security for users, but it also assists drivers in locating their vehicles and enables pedestrians to move safely around the site.

While illuminating a car park may seem straightforward, meticulous planning and thoughtful design are essential. Factors such as the level of traffic (light, medium, or heavy) and the specific type and location of the car park play a significant role in determining the appropriate lighting levels. British Standards BS 5489-1:2020 and BS EN 12464 provide guidelines for exterior car park lighting design, specifying average illuminance levels based on usage.

Choosing the right colour temperature (preferably 3000K or warmer) ensures optimal visibility, safety, and well-being for both pedestrians and drivers. Additionally, lighting controls allow adjustments to match traffic patterns and conserve energy while avoiding obtrusive light during night-time hours.

The lighting design team at Gemma Lighting are qualified lighting designers trained to advise a carefully considered car park lighting design scheme for their clients.