Supporting the Ewafe Project in Kampala, Uganda

February 8, 2023
Managing Director of Gemma Lighting, Supporting the Ewafe Project in Kampala, Uganda

Our Managing Director, Craig Manuel, arrived back this week from Uganda.

Whilst he was there he got to spend time at the Ewafe project in Kampala, a children’s home for abounded children. Ewafe means ‘where we belong’ in Luganda and it is a truly special place.

Children who have been abandoned, neglected, trafficked or removed from their families because of abuse are given a safe place to stay, run by the wonderful Kids Club Kampala team.

The children were so excited to have a visitor and were so grateful for all the gifts donated by friends and the team at Gemma Lighting. Thanks to Helen Manuel, one of our account managers for organising. A special thanks also to Burnley Football Club for the kits, the children wore them with pride.

Read more about the project here.