LED Street Lighting Game – Summer Nights

July 4, 2023
LED Street Light Game from UK LED Manufacturer

Last week was the Summer Solstice and the first day of summer. To celebrate this, we’ve launched our LED Street Lighting Game – Summer Nights edition. Play now and throughout Summer for a chance to win a seasonal hamper.

Play Now Game from Gemma Lighting

How To Play
Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the van.
Use the UP and Down arrow keys to operate the crane.
Press the SPACE BAR to throw snowballs at them.
Press P to pause the game and R to resume.

Pro Tips
Move the engineer so that he can replace each street light lamp with an LED luminaire.
Watch out for the Seagulls along the way. If they hit the engineer his health bar will decrease.
You can knock the Gulls out of the way using spanners. You will get bonus time for each one you hit.
The more lamps you change, the more savings you will make.
Aim for the higher lights to save even more money.

Seasonal Hamper Prize
The winner of the summer hamper will be announced on the 31st August 2023.

LED Street Lighting Game Hamper Prize from Gemma Lighting
Image above shows the Summer Hamper Prize from Gemma Lighting.