Introducing our new LED Weatherproof the Victory!

October 22, 2015

Gemma Lighting are pleased to introduce to you this month the new Victory LED Linear solution the first of our LED Weatherproof range. This luminaire is the ideal solution for underground car parks, cold stores, factories and other industrial plants due to its IP65 rating, anti-corrosive resistance glass reinforced polyester along with it high impact diffuser with captive retention clips.

The victory uses significantly less energy than traditional fluorescent weatherproof fittings, making a noticeable difference to your energy bills as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid carbon taxes.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of lumen outputs (2160-7550lm) with light output ratios in excess of 90%
  • 2ft, 4ft and 5ft versions are available
  • Dali, Microwave and Emergency versions
  • Osram/ Philips LED
  • Osram/ Philips Driver
  • High Impact case (6nM)
  • LED Lifespan 65,000hrs L70/B10
  • Special frosted diffuser for smooth uniform lighting
  • IP65 rated

Do you like the look of this solution but not sure where it could be used? Here are just a few applications the Victory would be ideal for:

  • Underground car parks
  • Cold Stores
  • Freezer Centres
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Plant

Call and request a consultation with one of our friendly sales team – 0800 999 5201.