Post Top Lanterns

September 26, 2023
Post Top Lanterns, by UK manufacturer Gemma Lighting.

Gemma Lighting, a UK manufacturer of exterior lighting solutions, offers a diverse range of post top lanterns. These post top lanterns are designed for various outdoor applications, including car parks, retail parks, public parks and gardens, walkways, and amenity areas.

Here are some key features of Gemma Lighting’s post top lanterns:

Gemma Lighting’s post top lanterns come in a variety of styles, allowing you to choose the design that best suits your project. Whether you require a traditional classic look or a more contemporary architectural aesthetic, there’s an solution for you from Gemma Lighting.

Colour Temperatures:
Gemma Lighting’s post top lanterns have a range of colour temperatures to choose from, allowing you to deliver to correct light quality and levels. Whether you want warm white for bat and insect friendly lighting, or cool white for increased security and surveillance, Gemma Lighting can tailor the post top lantern for their clients needs.

Power Outputs:
Gemma Lighting’s post top lanterns have several power options to choose from. You can select from 30W, 45W or 70W from their traditional range, or 20W to 70W from their contemporary range. The power output generates different lumens and lux levels for each option, which is to be considered when specify for the specific area and purpose.

Control Options:
Gemma Lighting’s post top lanterns control options enable their client to specify how they wish for the post top lantern to operate. Options include a simple on/off, to DALI dimmable, NEMA photocell, mini photocell, and 3hr emergency. They also have a range of spill shields / glare shields to control the light distribution.

Spigot Sizes:
Gemma Lighting understands the importance of compatibility and that is why their post top lanterns come with a choice of spigot sizes to ensure they fit seamlessly onto existing columns. Whether you’re retrofitting onto existing columns or installing onto new columns, Gemma Lighting can support you with a compatible post top lantern solution.