LED guides the way for Renegade Pictures and Car SOS

July 2, 2012

Independent film and television production house Renegade Pictures have turned to LED lighting solutions from Gemma Lighting Limited for their latest show Car SOS.

Owned by Shed Media, Renegade produces popular television shows such as Don’t tell the bride and Popstar to operastar as well as award-winning films My kidnapper and me and The boys from Baghdad High.

Renegade, based in London, were looking to upgrade their lighting to showcase the classic cars being restored as part of Car SOS, but wanted a more energy efficient lighting solution.

In order to meet their requirements two of Gemma’s energy efficient LED lighting products were selected for the project – the Sovereign 96 LED High Bay and Spitfire 48 LED Floodlight.

Both lights give excellent clarity and coverage with high lumen outputs and instant strike up times, whilst the long life span of the products, as with all Gemma Lighting’s LED lighting, gave Renegade reduced maintenance bills as well as lowering energy costs and carbon emissions.

Renegade received the new LED lighting within the short time required, and were very happy with the results. Theo Williams, series producer of Car SOS for Renegade, said: “For the shooting of Nat Geo’s car restoration series Car SOS we had a big problem. A large area of skylights meant the workshop was often already flooded by natural light but we needed a consistent source of bright light that was daylight balanced, flicker free and that didn’t generate a lot of heat.

“Professional TV lighting would have been prohibitively expensive over the five month shoot, plus it would have looked very obtrusive in our shots. So these Spitfire high powered flood lights made by Gemma Lighting were perfect, giving us a very sympathetic and natural day lit environment plus economy.”

John Collins, Lighting Cameraman for the show, added: “The great thing about working with these incredibly powerful LED panel installation units is that they give a huge amount of light yet use less than 60 watts – the quality of the light is clean and punchy.

“We’re using them to light a large workshop for filming and only need to use a couple of extra LED panels to light from floor level as the installed lights give a superb wash of bright light across the whole workshop.”