BAA Southampton Airport win top prize for LED Lighting

March 6, 2011

Engineers at Southampton Airport have been awarded a top prize for sourcing new and innovative ways of saving energy, using efficient LED lighting systems. The award was voted for by hundreds of engineering specialists from across BAA’s seven UK airport’s, and competed against many other energy saving initiatives developed throughout the company.

The new LED lighting systems designed and manufactured by Gemma Lighting have been installed around the airport, giving substantial savings in energy use, carbon emissions and costs.

The brilliant white light gives off little or no glare, which is ideal for use in clean and functional environments, such as airports, and is also transferable to other public buildings, such as hospitals and shopping centres.

The lights boast low voltage, efficient power use and minimal heat production, which cuts the use of energy. As a result, CO2 emissions from powering the new lights are predicted to be reduced by around 75%, when compared to conventional lighting.