Introducing your principal lighting designer

June 23, 2022
Principal Lighting Designer from Gemma Lighting

Lucien has been working with Gemma Lighting for many years and is THE person to go to for lighting design.

He holds a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from over 30 years’ experience in lighting.

Lucien has previously worked for companies such as Philips, Eaton, Dynalite, Concord Marlin and Strand Lighting.

The combination of skills and experience gained from these companies means he can provide solutions for all your exterior lighting projects.

As your lighting designer, Lucien can personally add value by providing the following:
✓ Guidance for your project in-line with current British Standards
✓ Comprehensive lighting designs
✓ Fast and efficient responses
✓ Technical support and advice for our products
✓ Bespoke account management

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