LED High bay lighting- why it’s the right solution for the police?

November 17, 2015

With police operations going on continuously around the clock, having high quality lighting to operate effectively is one of their top priorities. But with police force officials continually looking at ways to cut expenses bills, finding an economic solution is almost as equally important. LED high bay lighting can achieve reduced costs at the same time as limiting the impact on the environment.

Leicestershire police knew that they needed to have a low cost, high output lighting solution and LED lights from Gemma Lighting seemed to fit the bill – in more ways than one.

Why did the police need to change their lighting?

In short, they didn’t. But becoming aware of the increasing maintenance costs, particularly the control gear and lamp replacements, and wanting to improve their use of resources meant that the police were open to new lighting technology solutions. Gemma’s answer to this was in the form of their LED high bay lighting solution the Sovereign.

What are the advantages of this type of High bay lighting?

As well as being environmentally friendly and far cheaper to run, the sovereign LED high bay luminiare is very adjustable. Thanks to its side pods it can be fitted on ceilings or walls at different heights. Thus making it a flexible lighting solution.

The top 5 benefits of LED High Bay Lighting are?

*   More efficient – LED’s are more efficient than traditional florescent lamps making energy savings  of up to 70% or more.
*   Brighter per Watt – A directional light source with a better ratio of lumens per watt means
LED High Bay lights provide a brighter and more natural light with less power consumption.
*   Long term solution for a quick return on investment.
*   Robust – Our LED lighting products are built to last. With a protection rating of IP66 the entire
light range is vandalism proof and offers greater protection from accidental breakage.
*   Goodbye maintenance – With no lamp to replace and unparralled reliability, the cost of
maintaining lighting set ups is dramatically reduced. With no glass to break no white-hot filament
to handle and no noxious fumes involved in its construction, LED lights are far safer than
traditional lighting.

And of course, the reduction in the Leicestershire police energy bill added to the Sovereign LED’s attractions by meaning that as well as producing a high quality light, it is also making an effective use of resources. Simply by adjusting their lighting solution across high bays with the Sovereign, Leicestershire police saw an enormous drop in energy use, from 290,647KW to 66,529KW. The implementation of LED High Bay Lighting has resulted in a massive saving of 77%.