PIR LED Bollard

August 3, 2023
PIR LED Bollard Sensor with Low Glare Diffuser or Louvre Stack in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K with Surface Mount or Root Mount

A passive Infrared Sensor, or PIR, is a motion sensor that can add an extra level of safety to your pathway, car park, or buildings. PIR sensors detect infrared radiation energy produced by body heat and are used to detect movement inside or outside buildings or private properties. PIR LED bollards have been a popular choice for those wanting an extra level of safety and security for their property or site. PIR LED bollards can also be used to reduce energy consumption and running costs for your business by only operating when needed.

PIR LED Bollard: How do They Work?

PIR LED Bollard with Black Dome Low Glare Diffuser in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K for Outdoor with Shield, Surface or Root Mount
Image above shows Havant PIR LED Bollard in 4000K Neutral White, installed with Bolt-on Root Mount.

PIR LED detects infrared energy from objects able to generate heat, such as humans. The motion sensor or motion detector does it by monitoring the change in radiation levels that occurs in the presence of detection beams. That said, when a temperature change is detected by the beams’ field of view, the sensor is activated, switching on the lights. Furthermore, the lights switch off after a specified amount of time, and if all the beams sense no change in temperature again.

As the motion sensor is built-in into the LED bollard from the point of manufacture, it doesn’t affect the power or lumen output of the bollard, so you can choose what is suitable for your project. For instance, you can have a 2700k warm white LED bollard with an integral PIR sensor. In the same way, you can also choose the mounting type and style of the bollard. Whether you decide on a surface mount bollard, a root mount bollard, or even a flange plate bollard, you can choose the installation method suitable for your project and provide you with reduced operational costs and an extra level of safety with a sensor LED bollard.

Finally, it’s entirely up to you whether you want your PIR LED bollards to operate as on/off when triggered and reset, or if you want to use the PIR sensor with a DALI LED bollard to dim the light output to a low level instead off.

PIR LED Bollard: Benefits and Characteristics

PIR LED Bollard in Stainless Steel with Louvre in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K for Outdoor with Shield, Surface Mount or Root Mount
Image above shows Admiralty PIR LED Bollard in 3000K Warm White, installed with Surface Mount Flange Plate.

The benefits of having a PIR LED bollard are various, aside from offering you security and safety for your site, such as a car or office park, or your property, motion detector bollards can also save you up to 75% on your energy bill. In addition, the very nature of LED lighting on its own is a very durable and sustainable solution.

Depending on the purpose of your PIR LED bollard, there are a couple of parameters you’ll have to keep in mind when choosing the right sensor LED bollard. These characteristics include detection range and distance, placement, performance power, lumen output, energy efficiency, and more specific features such as the style of the bollard, its IK rating, and its IP rating for weather resistance. For instance, a 2700k warm white LED bollard is a perfect solution for your bat-friendly lighting but higher colour temperatures could confuse and disorientate them or impact their environment.

PIR LED Bollard: How to Choose the Perfect One

As with every important purchase we make, quality and functionality play a big role. This is especially important for a motion sensor since low-quality products may become insensitive to smaller changes in energy levels or become easily affected by outside temperatures. That said if you are considering acquiring a sensor LED bollard, you should consider that a low price doesn’t necessarily mean good value for your money because it could mean other elements are sacrificed, such as performance, robustness, and quality.

A starting point for finding the perfect PIR LED bollard that fits your needs is to research the LED Bollard Manufacturer and consider whether the product is suitable for your application. Afterward, research companies that have a lot of experience in this area, such as Gemma Lighting with over 40 years in electronic manufacturing, and you’ll find that these companies deliver greater quality. It’s also important to check what other customers have to say, such as client testimonials, and lastly, if you are still uncertain, speak to a consultant in the field as they will be able to answer all your queries.

PIR LED Bollard with Access Door Fuse Cut Out Low Glare Diffuser in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K for Outdoor with Surface Mount
Image above shows Westminster PIR LED Bollard in 4000K Neutral White with Fuse Cut-out and Easy Access Door, installed with Surface Mount Flange Plate.

PIR LED Bollard: Q&A

Is PIR LED Lights Effective?

Yes. PIR LED lights are very effective. However, PIR sensors are directional which can influence its effectiveness if positioned poorly. The quality can also affect the effectiveness. When purchasing from a superior quality LED bollard manufacturer, such as Gemma Lighting, you’ll have a longer-lasting, better-performing product compared to others.

Can PIR LED Lights be Overridden?

Most sensor LED bollards are a stand-alone solution but speak to the LED bollard manufacturer for available control options. Alternatively, consult an electrical contractor who can advise on the installation and operation.

How do PIR LED Lights Work in the Daylight?

A PIR LED bollard has an integral motion sensor that works during the day the same way it works during the night. You’ll find that for daylight sensing you need to purchase a Bollard with Photocell sensor. However, your PIR LED bollards can still operate during daylight.

How Many PIR LED Bollards Do You Need?

How many PIR LED bollards you need depends entirely on your application. Some projects might only need a few bollards to be installed, while others might need more. It all comes down to what the project specification and lux level requirements are. If you are unsure, our team of lighting designers can support you.

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PIR LED Bollard with Flat Top Low Glare Diffuser in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K for Outdoor with Shield Surface Mount or Root Mount
Image above shows Cosham PIR LED Bollard in 2700K Extra Warm White, installed with Bolt-on Root Mount.