Street Light Brackets

March 6, 2024
Lighting brackets by UK Manufacturer of amenity brackets, Gemma Lighting.

Lighting Brackets: Enhancing the Landscape of Exterior LED Lighting

As a leading UK manufacturer of exterior LED lighting, Gemma Lighting are excited to announce the availability of our new product line: lighting brackets. Also known as amenity brackets or post top brackets, these innovative accessories are designed to complement our existing range of LED car park lighting and amenity post top luminaires.

The Versatility of Lighting Brackets

Lighting brackets are a versatile accessory that can significantly enhance the functionality of exterior lighting systems. They are designed to accommodate multiple light fittings on a single post, thereby optimising the illumination of large outdoor spaces such as car parks, walkways, and public areas. Our range includes the twin amenity lighting bracket, triple amenity lighting bracket, and the quad amenity lighting bracket, each designed to hold two, three, or four light fittings respectively. Each lighting bracket is also available in a choice of spigot sizes from 60mm, 76mm, 89mm or 101mm, to ensure the lighting brackets can be fitted on to existing lighting columns.

A Perfect Complement to Our LED Range

Our lighting brackets are designed to seamlessly integrate with our existing range of LED car park lighting and amenity post top luminaires. They offer our customers the flexibility to customise their exterior lighting solutions according to their specific needs. Whether it’s for illuminating car parks, pathways, or public spaces, our lighting brackets provide an efficient and effective solution.

Quality Manufacturing in the UK

As with all our products, our lighting brackets are manufactured in the UK, ensuring the highest standards of quality and durability. They are designed to withstand the rigours of the British weather, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for exterior LED lighting.


The introduction of our lighting brackets marks a significant milestone in our journey as a leading UK manufacturer of exterior LED lighting. We believe that these brackets, with their versatility and quality, will prove to be an invaluable accessory to our existing LED car park lighting range. We look forward to seeing the innovative lighting solutions that our customers will create with the help of our lighting brackets.