Outdoor Post Top Lights

September 5, 2023
Outdoor post top lights, by UK post top manufacturer, Gemma Lighting.

Gemma Lighting, a UK manufacturer specialising in exterior lighting solutions, offers an extensive selection of outdoor post top lights. These outdoor post top lights are meticulously designed for a variety of outdoor applications, including car parks, retail areas, public parks, gardens, walkways, and amenity spaces.

Key features of Gemma Lighting’s outdoor post top lights include:

Aesthetic Variety:
Gemma Lighting’s outdoor post top lights come in diverse styles, allowing you to select the design that best complements your project. Whether you prefer a timeless classic appearance or a contemporary architectural aesthetic, Gemma Lighting has a solution for you.

Colour Temperature Options:
Gemma Lighting’s outdoor post top lights offer a range of colour temperatures. Whether you need warm white for bat-friendly lighting or cool white for enhanced security and surveillance, Gemma Lighting can customise the lights to meet your specific requirements.

Flexible Power Outputs:
Choose from various power options: 30W, 45W, or 70W in their traditional range, or 20W to 70W in their contemporary range. Each power output generates different lumens and lux levels, which is crucial when specifying lighting for a particular area.

Control Features:
Gemma Lighting’s outdoor post top lights provide control options tailored to their clients’ preferences. From simple on/off switches to DALI dimmable controls, NEMA photocells, mini photocells, and 3-hour emergency settings, you have flexibility in how the lights operate. Additionally, spill shields and glare shields allow precise control over light distribution.

Spigot Size Compatibility:
Recognizing the importance of seamless installation, Gemma Lighting offers a choice of spigot sizes for their outdoor post top lights. This ensures they fit seamlessly onto existing columns, whether you’re replacing old fixtures or installing new ones.