Reduce Your Energy Costs

September 26, 2022
Reduce Energy Consumption and Energy Costs with LED Lighting Solutions

Switching to an LED lighting solution is an instant way to save money when compared to traditional light sources utilised in outdoor environments.

Combine an LED lighting solution with controls to help deliver the right light, at the right time, in the right place, and not only are you on to a winner, but you are also on to an incredibly energy efficient solution with huge savings and fast paybacks.

With the recent staggeringly steep increase in energy costs, the only way to combat it is to reduce your usage.

This is where we come in. Our case studies show customers have saved up to 80% of their annual energy costs when switching to a solution from Gemma Lighting.

Now is the perfect time to invest and upgrade your archaic, inefficient, and deteriorating lighting, for a modern, robust, and future proof solution from Gemma Lighting.

We are an exterior LED lighting specialist, and have solutions for all outdoor areas. Our range covers bollards, amenity lights and post-tops, street lights, flood lights and wall mounted lights.

Switching to a LED light source alone is not enough, you also need to consider a couple of other factors, the environmental impact, and controls.

Choosing the right colour temperature and optics along with a conscientious lighting design is vital for protecting the environment. Our range of products have a variety of options to meet your application requirements which our lighting design team will guide you through.

In our opinion, the battle of LED verses traditional light sources for efficiency has long been won. To maximise your energy savings, you need to combine LED lighting with a controls solution. We have DALI dimmable driver and DALI emergency options available for use with a DALI control system, as well as NEMA sockets, Photocells, Microwave Sensors, PIR Sensors and Astro Dim options available too.

Delivering the right light, at the right time, in the right place can reduce your energy usage by up to 80%.

At time when we can’t control the unit cost for energy, we can certainly control the kWh used, which in turn reduces the annual energy consumption.

For more information, view our application examples.