Street Light Globes

November 7, 2023
Street Light Globes from UK manufacturer, Gemma Lighting.

Gemma Lighting, a long established UK manufacturer of exterior lighting solutions, stands out for their commitment to innovation and energy efficiency.

Their extensive range of luminaires caters to various outdoor lighting requirements, and one of their flagship products is their street light globes.

Gemma Lighting’s street light globes are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that they can meet the diverse requirements of their clients application needs.

Here are the key features of their street light globes:

Variety of Aesthetics:
Gemma Lighting offers a wide array of styles for their street light globes. Whether you need a traditional classic design, a contemporary architectural look, or something unique, their range can accommodate this.

Colour Temperature Options:
Gemma Lighting provides street light globes in different colour temperatures, allowing their clients to specify ideal lighting colour to suit their specific environment.

Glare Shields for Light Control:
Gemma Lighting incorporates spill shields / glare shields into their street light globes, minimising direct glare and ensuring controlled light distribution. This design consideration enhances its suitability for areas where light spill is a problem.

Spigot Sizes for Retrofitting:
Gemma Lighting offers their street light globes with various spigot sizes to enable easy retrofit installation. This flexibility allows seamless replacement or upgrade, minimizing installation complexities and costs.