Insect Friendly Lighting

October 24, 2023
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Bat Friendly Lighting, by UK bat friendly lighting manufacturer Gemma Lighting.

Gemma Lighting‘s commitment to environmental conservation extends to bat & Insect friendly lighting solutions. Understanding the importance of minimizing disruption to bat habitats, they have developed their luminaire range to cater specifically for bats, insects and other nocturnal creatures.

Here are the key features of Gemma Lighting’s bat friendly lighting:

2700K Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT):

All of Gemma Lighting’s exterior lighting solutions, including street lights, bollards, and wall lights, meet the requirement of warm white 2700K CCT being available as a standard option. This colour temperature has a significantly reduced level of blue light content which is traditionally present in fluorescent lighting or CCTs of 4000K and 6000K. The blue light content is the cause of disturbance and disorientation to bats, insects, birds and other creatures.

Glare Shields and Downward Illumination:

Gemma Lightings luminaires have a choice of optics, including asymmetric and forward throw optics to remove any back light spill. For additional control of light distribution, Gemma Lighting’s luminaires have glare shields to stop unwanted light. By reducing light spill and glare, the luminaires maintain areas of darkness where light spill could otherwise affect bat migration. Their qualified lighting design team follow local authority guidelines and industry organisations such as the LIA and the ILP to strike the right balance between illumination and environmental impact.