AstroDIM LED Bollard

August 10, 2023
AstroDIM Dimmable LED Bollard with Low Glare Diffuser or Louvre in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K for Outdoor with Surface or Root Mount

An AstroDIM LED bollard is a stand-alone dimmable LED bollard solution that allows autonomous dimming without the need for manual lighting switching during the predefined set times. This lighting solution is a good option for clients who want automated control for turning on and off the lights, but don’t want the associated installation and commission cost. Additionally, when the lighting is installed in areas that become empty during the later hours of the night and therefore the lighting solution does not need to operate, the client can have peace of mind that an AstroDIM LED bollard will turn off and save energy consumption.

AstroDIM LED Bollard: How do They Work?

AstroDIM LED Bollard with Black Dome Low Glare Diffuser in Dimmable 2700K, 3000K or 4000K Outdoor with Surface or Root Mount
Image above shows Havant AstroDIM LED Bollard in 3000K Warm White, installed with Bolt-on Root Mount.

An AstroDIM LED bollard works the same way that other AstroDIM LED lighting solutions work. AstroDIM provides a multi-stage night-time power reduction. These settings are predefined by the manufacturer when purchasing the product. You can customize the switch-on and switch-off times at the beginning and the end of a switching cycle. AstroDIM LED bollard can be set according to a time-based dimming profile schedule or Astro-based in reference to theoretical calculations of annual average sunrise and sunset times.

Usually, these lighting solutions are placed on sites where an environmental or ecological assessment is required. These are also located in areas controlled by local authorities, Areas of Natural Beauty (AoNB), and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). An example of this is a 2700k warm white LED bollard with AstroDIM installed in areas where there are animals present, as this colour temperature is bat and insect friendly, and a better lighting solution for Conservation and the environment, especially with the ability to automate the on/ off control schedule so it doesn’t operate at unnecessary times.

AstroDIM LED Bollard: Benefits

AstroDIM LED Bollard in Stainless Steel Louvre in Dimmable 2700K, 3000K or 4000K for Outdoor with Shield Surface or Root Mount
Image above shows Admiralty AstroDIM LED Bollard in 3000K Warm White, installed with Surface Mount Flange Plate.

There are multiple benefits to choosing an LED bollard with AstroDIM control protocol. AstroDIM LED bollards are a cost-saving lighting solution that doesn’t need additional control lines to operate like DALI. This makes it easy to install, and moreover, due to no additional cabling being required for the installation or commissioning of the controls, there are reduced setup costs. The AstroDIM lighting solutions are self-configured and automatically calculate the operating time on their own based on sensing dusk and dawn through a mini Photocell to detect the change in lux levels. This means you can have a control solution for your lighting where previously there was only a standard power supply.

Lastly, our LED range of luminaires is made from high-quality materials that are durable and built to last in harsh weather conditions, on top of the fact that LED lighting is the most long-lasting sustainable solution for lighting.

AstroDIM LED Bollard: How to Choose

As with every important purchase, quality and functionality plays a big role in decision making. This is especially true for an AstroDIM LED bollard, whichever type you choose, be it a black bollard, grey bollard, 316 marine grade stainless steel bollard, and installed as a surface mount bollard, a root mount bollard, or a flange plate bollard, all can have the AstroDIM control protocol. A low-quality product might mean sacrificing performance and functionality, for example, a low-quality product can have poor accuracy for sensing lux levels, where falsely reading it results in the luminaire not being able to operate during the required set times.

A starting point for finding the perfect AstroDIM LED bollard that fits your needs is to research the LED Bollard Manufacturer and consider whether the product is suitable for your application. Afterward, you can research companies that have a lot of experience in this area, such as Gemma Lighting with over 40 years in electronic manufacturing, as these companies deliver greater quality. It’s also worth checking what other customers have to say, including testimonials, and more importantly, if you’re still uncertain, speak to a consultant in the field as they will be able to answer all your queries.

AstroDIM LED Bollard in Stainless Steel Low Glare Diffuser in Dimmable 2700K, 3000K, 4000K for Outdoor with Surface Root Mount
Image above shows Solent AstroDIM LED Bollard in 3000K Warm White, installed with Bolt-on Root Mount.

AstroDIM and StepDIM

Both AstroDIM and StepDIM are dimming features. However, StepDIM offers dimming via an external control phase and its predefined levels can be varied via its software, while AstroDIM has an integrated timer for automatic dimming, and operation adjusted through a mini-photocell sensor, multiple independent dimming levels, and zones can also be set in advance through the programming software.

AstroDIM LED Bollard VS DALI LED Bollard

DALI LED bollards are an alternative to AstroDIM LED bollards. DALI lighting solutions need additional control lines, and control input from a computer control system. AstroDIM LED bollards are a stand-alone solution that comes with predefined dimming levels and automates the on/ off times, so it doesn’t need further configuration or commissioning.

AstroDIM LED Bollard: Q&A

AstroDIM LED Bollard with Access Door Fuse Cut Out Low Glare Diffuser in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K for Outdoor with Surface Mount
Image above shows Westminster AstroDIM LED Bollard in 2700K Extra Warm White with Access Door, installed with Bolt-on Root Mount.

Are AstroDIM LED Bollards Worth It?

Yes. AstroDIM LED bollards are a great choice for sites of environmental interest, such as Areas of Natural Beauty (AoNB), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), or sites controlled by local authorities that don’t require lighting during the nighttime. The addition of a stand-alone control solution means these are cost-saving, have reduced energy consumption, and are more sustainable than standard LED lighting.

How do AstroDIM LED Bollards Compare with normal LED Bollards?

AstroDIM LED bollard offers you automation regarding switching on and off your lighting products whereas in standard LED bollards, this process has to be done manually. Our LED bollard range includes a PIR LED bollard, an Emergency LED bollard, DALI LED Bollard, and a LED bollard with Photocell. You can customize the lighting solutions that best match your lighting project and your site. For instance, you can opt for a 2700K warm white LED bollard and choose whether you want a dimmable LED bollard or want to have an Emergency LED bollard for safety and security purposes.

How many AstroDIM LED Bollards do You Need?

How many AstroDIM LED bollards you’ll need depends entirely on your site and project size. To best assess this, we advise you to speak to a consultant in the field or speak to our lighting designers so they can answer your queries. Our dedicated, experienced team at Gemma Lighting will be more than happy to support you and provide a lighting design to determine how many AstroDIM LED bollards you need.

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AstroDIM LED Bollard with Flat Top Low Glare Diffuser in Dimmable 2700K, 3000K or 4000K for Outdoor with Surface or Root Mount
Image above shows Cosham AstroDIM LED Bollard in 3000K Warm White, installed with Surface Mount Flange Plate.