Gemma Lighting Launches New Exclusive Specification Brochure for the Lighting Industry

January 16, 2024
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new external lighting brochure for architects, consultants and lighting designers, from uk manufacturer, Gemma Lighting

Portsmouth, UK – Gemma Lighting, a leading UK manufacturer of external lighting solutions, has announced the launch of its new specification brochure for the lighting industry. The brochure is a comprehensive guide to Gemma Lighting’s range of high-quality and energy-efficient luminaires, which includes street lights, amenity post top lights, bollards, wall lights, flood lights, and more.

The brochure demonstrates the vast knowledge and wealth of experience held at Gemma Lighting, built from a long history in the electronics and LED lighting industry. The brochure showcases their many services, including bespoke solutions from their engineering team, free lighting designs from their studio department, fasted turnaround on painted finishes and short lead times from their production team.

The brochure also highlights Gemma Lighting’s commitment to quality, design, and customer satisfaction, as well as its environmental and social responsibility, with its innovative and sustainable solutions for outdoor illumination.

The brochure also provides a full range of control options to help clients specify the correct solution for their project requirement, as well as broad range accessories covering columns, arm brackets, spigot adaptors, spill shields/ glare shields, photocells and fuse cutouts.

Gemma Lighting’s Director of UK Sales, Mark Major, said:
“We are very proud of our new specification brochure, which showcases our expertise and innovation in the field of external lighting. We believe that our brochure will be a valuable resource for our clients, who are looking for the best solutions for their exterior lighting needs.”

The brochure is extremely exclusive and available by appointment only. Interested customers can contact Gemma Lighting’s specification team to request a consultation. For more information, please call our team on 0800 999 5201 or email