LED Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Light Manufactures – offering significant energy and carbon reductions.

LED Solar Street Lighting Solution

The team at Gemma Lighting designers and manufactures of a wide range of LED Solar Street Lights with 12 – 24V DC LED Drivers here in the UK.

These 12 / 24V DC LED street lights can be purchased individually or can be combined with a bespoke GemSun solar street lighting system from Gemma Lighting.

Gemma Lighting have some of the largest solar powered LED Solar Street Lighting projects in the world, with flag ship installations in the UK, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and India.

Each solar street light system is carefully designed to our customer’s requirements, taking into account:

  • World Wide Location
  • Solar Irradiation Data
  • Hours of Usage Required
  • LUX Levels Required
  • Input Voltage 12V / 24V DC
  • Solar Panel Efficiency
  • Solar Street Light Wattage
  • Solar Street Light Amps Used
  • Ambient Temperature & Climate
  • Solar Panel Direction
  • Battery Autonomy Requirement
  • Dimming & Control Options
  • Light Distribution
  • Pole / Column Size
  • Dark Skies & Bat Friendly Options
  • Solar Panel Voltage

Options available are Colour Temperature, Beam Angle, 12V/24V DC Photocell, 12V/24V DC PIR & Spill Shields.

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Note: Gemma Lighting are the UK Manufacturers of the GemSun Solar Street Lighting system. We offer a full OEM service for solar lighting suppliers that wish to add Solar street lighting to there portfolio. Please email our OEM team – solarstreetlighting@gemmalighting.com

Do solar street lights work in the UK?

Whilst the UK averages about 3 peak sun hours (3kWh/m² of solar radiation) per day throughout the year. This drops significantly in Winter with an average December day generating just 1hr hour of solar radiation charge; with December nights reaching 16hrs long (4pm – 8am).

Meaning 1hr of solar radiation charge from the solar panel into the battery must be able to power the solar street light for 16hrs per night in UK Winter.

Therefore, it is critical to choose a solar street light system that has been designed around UK winter performance in order to guarantee the solar street light will operate dusk till dawn 365 days per year.

Using our knowledge gained from sizing and manufacturing solar street light systems for over 20 years; the Gemsun 10W / 15W & 20W solar street light systems have all been designed by our UK engineers to work with just 1hr of charge into the battery, meaning these solar street lights are ideal for the UK market. 

Solar Street Lights in MOD NHS Car Park