LED Flood Lighting

Hurricane 500W
LED Flood Light

The Hurricane 500W is an IP66 robust and durable LED Flood Light with high performance LEDs and driver.

The Hurricane can be manufactured with Symmetrical or Asymmetrical optics and adjustable modules to provide maximum flexibility on each project.

A modern future proof design that can provide excellent energy savings over traditional technology.



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BIM files

Code Description

LED Rating (lm)

Total Wattage (W)

Lum. Flux (lm)

Lum. Efficacy (lm/W)

Standard - Optic 1
HU500-AN-00B-1 Hurricane-500W-LED-AC-4K-Std-Black-SYM-Optic 1 75,000 500 68,250 137
Standard - Optic 2
HU500-AN-00B-2 Hurricane-500W-LED-AC-4K-Std-Black-SYM-Optic 2 75,000 500 64,500 133
Standard - Nema Socket - Optic 1
HU500-AN-05B-1 Hurricane-500W-LED-AC-4K-Std-NemaSocket-Black-SYM-Optic 1 75,000 500 68,250 137
Standard - Nema Socket - Optic 2
HU500-AN-05B-2 Hurricane-500W-LED-AC-4K-Std-NemaSocket-Black-SYM-Optic 2 75,000 500 64,500 133
Standard - PIR 6M - Optic 1
HU500-AN-07B-1 Hurricane-500W-LED-AC-4K-Std-PIR6M-Black-SYM-Optic 1 75,000 500 68,250 137
Standard - PIR 6M - Optic 2
HU500-AN-07B-2 Hurricane-500W-LED-AC-4K-Std-PIR6M-Black-SYM-Optic 2 75,000 500 64,500 133
Standard - PIR 12M - Optic 1
HU500-AN-08B-1 Hurricane-500W-LED-AC-4K-Std-PIR12M-Black-SYM-Optic 1 75,000 500 68,250 137
Standard - PIR 12M - Optic 2
HU500-AN-08B-2 Hurricane-500W-LED-AC-4K-Std-PIR12M-Black-SYM-Optic 2 75,000 500 64,500 133

Legend: Std = Standard. SYM = Symmetrical Beam. A/SYM = Asymmetrical Beam. 4K = Neutral White (4000K). NW = Neutral White.

Features & benefits

  • LED rating 75,000lm (4000K).
  • Luminaire flux 68,250lm (4000K – Symmetrical).
  • Luminaire flux 64,500lm (4000K – Asymmetrical).
  • Total wattage 500W.
  • -20 to +40°C operating temperature.
  • LED life span > 50,000hrs.
  • Universal bracket for T/Bar bracket and wall fixing.
  • Aluminium body with stainless steel fixings.
  • RAL9006 – Black.
  • IP66/IK08 rated.
  • 4mm thick toughened glass panel.
  • Fixing hole for 20mm bolt for added strength.
  • Pre-wired with 1000mm of cable.
  • 2 optics types offering Symmetrical (Optic 1) and Asymmetrical (Optic 2) light distributions.
Width: 510mm
Height: 563.8mm
Length: 136.2mm
Weight: 19.5Kg

Hurricane 500W [4000K – Neutral White]:

500W IP66 / IK08 LED Flood Light manufactured with a black die-cast aluminium body and a 4mm thick toughened glass panel. Fitted with [Symmetrical Optic 1 / Asymmetrical Optic 2] and 4000K LEDs with 75,000lm LED rating and minimum Luminaire Flux of 68,250lm (Symmetrical Optic) / 64,500lm (Asymmetrical Optic). Size: 296mm x 483mm x 13.5mm. Pre wired with 1000mm of cable. To contain [Nema Socket on flying lead / PIR Sensor]. As Gemma Lighting – Hurricane 500W.

Notes: Delete as required.

Car Parks
Perimeter Fence

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